My Curly Hair Journey - Embracing my curls

Growing up in Toronto, Canada for a person with ambiguous features was very difficult at first. I was immediately not accepted by the Hispanics, and the blacks, because my features did not categorize me in a evident ethnicity. My mother is from Ecuador and my father Dominican Republic.


 My mother’s hair was a curly jet black, but nowhere near the density, thickness and fullness I had, she did the best that she could when it came to maintaining my hair, but it was all new to her.

I really hated my hair, I tried my best to avoid it in my childhood because I was so ashamed of having it, no one,  not even my sister had the same curly fro I did.

Later in the years, my mother went to hair school, and that ’s when I got my first relaxer, I was about 12 years old. We agreed that it was only to tame the hair and make it easier for the both of us to manage. The end result was far from just taming it was just an “s” shape, NO CURL turn out .

To my dismay,  I was left with more disappointment about my hair. Months passed and new growth started to show and became very obvious what part was relaxed and what wasn’t.  My new friend became the the 2” Babyliss. Through pretty much all my adolescent years my hair was straight. I colored my hair, chemical processed  and applied heat multiple times, me and my hair was on on-going war.



I finally decided to give up he long hair and went from having my hair down to my back to a short pixie. I loved my curls for the first time, I felt good. for anyone who works in the beauty industry, you know how hard it is NOT to touch your hair. I just couldn’t help myself as my hair started to grow I began colouring and bleaching all over again. I chopped my hair AGAIN and grew it out, this time at 23 I finally saw the natural pattern of my curl. I was in complete shock, I couldn’t believe it took me so long to love and appreciate my hair. I tossed the flat iron, let go of the bleaching and just started investing time, love and patience to my hair.

In my personal experience,  I think my self-esteem issues and lack of confidence reflected on my hair. I thought I needed to always correct or fix my natural features, when all it needed was unconditional love.


I love my hair I love who I am, I feel like my hair is a reflection of who I am. I have never felt more accepted and loved.