What's a Curl Session ?

Growing up with curly hair is tough, especially if you were not taught the simple foundations of maintaining it. In this day and age having a mixed background is common, curly hair is becoming more common. Wearing your hair in its natural state is the new beauty.

Sometimes YouTube videos, blogs, and Instagram feeds isn’t enough to educate you on your hair, which is why I created a Curl Session.

I feel like there is no other better education than the hands on, in person training. I don’t care how many categories, curl types there are out there, everyone’s hair is always slightly different.

What I do

When you come in for your curl session, I go through a very detailed consultation about your hair. This will give me insight about your day-to-day routine with your hair, products you like and dislike, the current condition and state of the hair, and the desired look you are looking to achieve. The appointment is about 1 hour long, and during the appointment I educate you on how to get the best results for your hair. We then proceed with a clarifying cleanser (sulfate free …of course!), followed by a deep hydrating mask. Lastly I apply a leave-in conditioner and styling products based on your curls needs.

It’s important that we all help each other out in this natural hair journey, I know if I was more knowledgeable in my hair I wouldn’t have never done the things I did to my hair in my early years.