New Moon Ritual : Setting intentions with the New Moon

New moon - Starting over, New beginnings, setting intentions for the month and or year

I really wanted to implement monthly intentions, creating a self-discipline to take the time and write down my future goals, keeping consistent was challenging, but I found that New Moon Rituals really got me excited to plan and create a tone and feel for the weeks to come.


Think about how far you have come with your accomplishments, reflect on where you are presently. Take a moment to be grateful for what the universe has blessed you with.


Create a tranquil space to make sure your focus is on relaxation, meditation and creating intentions. I like to burn candles and incense or sage to cleanse my home and begin the new cycle with a fresh start.


Ask for guidance from ancestors, angels, universe, higher power, whatever terminology you feel comfortable with for assistance in creating a space for positive intentions, manifesting your desires and using that power to your highest good.


Write down your goals, read your desires out loud so you can call it to existence. Speaking aloud will evoke a strong emotion and energy to what it is you are manifesting.


Follow your breathe, close your eyes and visualize your manifestations coming to fruition. Be open to receiving, and free flowing to what direction the universe is taking you. You can do this indoors or outside while moon-bathing. Lastly don’t forget to charge your crystals!

What the New Moon in Aries Means for Us

Aries is a fire sign, it’s about making Sh*# happen! It’s the desire to have an urgency of getting rid of the old and creating a space to allow new things to come in. Sometimes in order to get rid of the old we must dig into our subconscious and analyze the personal dogmas that are holding us back. The fiery warrior type energy will give us courage and strength we need to uncover or shadow selves and cleanse what no longer serves us. It’s about action and development of our future selves. And finally choose your words and actions wisely as Aries can bring altercations and ignite strong ego’s and emotions in the communication sector, so BE AWARE! If you are not grounded and self-aware of your shadow self, the new moon in Aries can bring up old hurt and insecurities, so use the energy wisely and try not to fall in a dark place.