Entrepreneurship: Stay friends as Business Partners

The biggest sources of opportunity are collaboration and partnership. And today, with digital communication, there is more of that everywhere. We need to expose ourselves to that as a matter of doing business.
— Mark Parker

It’s been a journey,  to say the least. As friends first, deciding to go into business together was met by many warnings that mixing friendship and business is a recipe for disaster.

So far so good

We are in no position to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs as we are still learning How to B.Y.O.B ( be your own boss), but we can share our own experiences in partnership and tell you that the perfect friend/business partner is an attainable desire. Here are a few things we learned over the past five years.

Opposites attract

When we met there was some resistance, being so different in respect to our personalities, it was hard to imagine that years later we would be so committed to one common goal.A diverse hair salon embracing inclusive beauty. Here we are one fast one slow, one funny one serious, one outspoken one private. We have found a way to put the best parts of ourselves into our business while checking each other on our faults. Allowing ourselves to constantly grow in the partnership has given us the freedom we need to be individuals, and self-awareness to respect each others differences.


Major key alert!!!!

Communicate ( DJ  Khalid voice )  Being friends first has helped us figure this part out. This ain’t easy. Finances, decision-making, delegating duties, setting  goals, enhancing our education, contracts, managing staff, the list goes on.  A lot to take on on one’s own. Sometimes the workload will be overwhelming test your willpower and will make you want to snap! On the other hand things will be going so well that you get comfortable and slow down your own progress.Having someone that isn’t afraid to tell you to “Muevete!” Or “Calm down sis it’s your emotions, we got this” communicating through these times has  our partnership closer and built the great trust, overall making our team stronger.

Calm down Sis!

We said this ain’t easy there will be times where anyone could just feel like walking away form the whole thing. Being overworked which happens often, Can put anyone on edge, taking the time to take care of yourself mentally physically and spiritually is super important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Everyone needs a release Whether it’s going dancing, working out, meditating, or spending time with loved ones. We can’t be productive or effective without balance. Spending time away from work keeps us grounded.

When it’s all said and done we were extremely lucky to find  each other as friends before we got into this thing called entrepreneurship. Having very different strengths has allowed us to take on our challenges strategically and has gotten us where we are now.

If you want to open a business with a friend make sure you aware fully aware of what kind of work ethic they follow. What things you dislike but are willing to push to the side for the greater good of the relationship. Most importantly for a successful business is the person going to offer something different to what your offering? The  vision and foundation of where you see this business going in the future should be aligned.

On the road to success you should have people who are honest and real with you. They tell you what you need to hear not what you want, and shine light on areas that might not be easy to admit.

That's a friend, and a partner you want to grow with and have by your side. 


- Holly Mcrae 

massiel valenzuela